Mission Statement

The Bushwick Community Partnership champions the safety and well being of children through collaboration and family partnership that leverages strengths and resources for success

About us

Since 1998 Bushwick Making Children Important, (BMCI) was the ACS Network for Bushwick (SPA 4) and was made up of the six ACS contracted service providers when it was formed.  In 2007 BMCI was chosen to take part in the Community Partnership Initiative. Today our Bushwick Community Partnership is one of 11 Community Partnership Projects (CPP) in NYC with more than 60 partner agencies. Our Bushwick Community Partnership Program is a collaboration of community-based ACS staff, contract agencies working in our community district, and includes other local service providers, community stakeholders, our local library and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, and it continues to grow. Bushwick Community Partnership is now part of the Coalition for Hispanic Family Services (CHFS) 501 (c3) not-for profit agency, as they have taken over as Fiscal Conduit in September 2016 and have served as a pillar of the Bushwick community since 1990.

The Bushwick Community Partnership serves as a forum to share resources, ideas, information, and referrals. We have referral agreements among our membership. The Bushwick Community Partnership has facilitated service coordination among preventive care agencies, organized orientations and trainings for Network members, leveraged advocacy opportunities, informed policy decisions, and encouraged resource sharing among all Network stakeholders in the community.